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If you feel inspired to donate any amount to the fund it is always appreciated.

The Bursary fund 

For some people, coming on a workshop or course is challenging finanically or made near impossible due to financial / life circumstances. 
We want to make this work as accessible to as many people as possible and at the same time keep Earthheart running as sacred place of healing and transformation. We are not set up to make a profit. What we charge is aimed at covering costs.

We have set up various ways that by pulling together we can help those who need it.

There is a limited number of concessionary places allocated to each workshop and once the allocation is full we cannot offer more. They are offered for those on income support, full time students or parents claiming single parent benefit. If you wish to apply for a concession we suggest you apply early. Please write to us with evidence of your status. Please note that concession places do not apply for housing benefit or working / family tax credit.

If you have worked with us and valued what you received then you could help make it possible for someone else to also have that experience who does not have the finances to be able to attend otherwise. 
If you would like to do this pleaae get in contact with us and we can explain more about how you could support someone to come.
For example:
£75 pays for half of a weekend workshop for one person 
£150 pays for a whole weekend for one person
Or you can just pay an amount that is less than this that will go towards funding a place for someone, no amount is too small and all donations are gratefully received as it is the intent behind the giving that creates the expansion on a universal level. 


We are also launching a programme called 'sponsor a sister' this allows you to help another sister who has little or low income to attend a one day, week long or year long sacred women's training that we offer at Living Love. Or if you are able sponsoring a women's retreat for severely abused and traumatised women.

All you have to do is deposit the amount it costs to undertake the women's training and any preference you have about the allocation of the funding and we will match this amount to a woman in need. We will respect your and the participant's confidentiality and let you know when you're funding has been used to give a woman a chance to grow with this work. If you cannot sponsor a whole day's training you can deposit a partial amount and your generosity will be matched by other sisters and allocated to those sisters in dire need who require this work to move forward with their lives, take a step outside their home door, or walk away form abusive work, relationship and environments into their truth.

Donating to the sponsor a sister fund
£80 pays for 1 sister to attend the one day women's training.
£345 pays for 1 sister to attend the six day women's training.
£250 pays for 1 sister's accommodation at the six day women's training providing nurture and organic food to sustain the work.
£1,300 pays for 1 sister's year long training
£6,000 pays for 10 women who have experienced severe trauma or abuse to attend the six day women's retreat in a safe environment and regain the steps necessary to regain their love for life.

MENTORING - The circle of elders

If you would like to support other women into the unfolding of their full potential but are not able to do that financially then you could offer mentoring to a younger woman that yourself and become a part of a national circle of elders. 
Our culture does not honour elders and this is a real tragedy as older women have much wisdom to offer to the younger women simply by experience of life. The age gap need only be 15 years so for example if you are 40 you could mentor a woman who is 25 or younger and if you're 60 you could mentor a woman who is 40 or younger, if you are 70 you could mentor a woman who is 55 or younger maybe even 20 years old !
Someone who they perhaps know is on the other end of the phone from time to time is those moments of confusion and lostness or maybe if you live near by meeting up in person and spending time in the energy field of an elder. 

 If you would like to know more about this do please get in touch and we can speak more with you about it, or if you feel that you would value an elder in your life for mentoring then do please get in touch and hopefully we can put you in touch with someone. 

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