" . . .and forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet in her soil and the wind longs to play with your hair . . " Kahlil Gibran

"If you want to create peace in the world, you don’t need to travel the world saving others, go home and save yourself first."
Mother Teresa

"If you think you are too small to be effective you have never been in bed with a mosquito."
Buddhist monk

"It’s difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon him not understanding it"
from the film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’

Watch this 2 minute youtube video clip by Satish Kumar on Deep Ecology if you want to understand the essence of this message:


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8-11 June Intimate Love couples  

7-9 July Faces of the Masculine - Men

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'Sustainable living from the inside out'

Workshops and Events for environmental alignment and Sacred ecology.
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What on Earth is going on?

The root cause of the environmental/political/social crisis we are in is a symptomatic result of the disconnected and suppressed feminine principle in humanity.

However we are living our lives we cannot fail to notice that the environment around us is struggling as well as our political and social structures. Somehow or another over time we have come to believe that we are separate from nature: that we have, somehow, transcended our earthly biology and made ourselves an exception to ecological rules. This ‘separation myth’ has led us to live beyond our habitat’s ability to sustain us and we must deal with it urgently, if we are to survive its consequences.
‘Deep sustainability’ calls for a level of personal and cultural change that only emerges when we weave human Being directly back into the fabric of the Earth. It’s about a sense of personal identity that is seamlessly integrated into the biosphere. We respond to deep sustainability through our own deep-rooted sense of ourselves as nature, rather than through a sense of responsibility to nature as something separate.
The diverse web of life on whom we depend, of whom we are part, is in crisis. We need a sea-change in lifestyles, values, identity. This is about a change in relationship towards self, other and earth. (Mary Jane Rust)

We invite both men and women to reconnect to their innate wild human nature with outer nature. We believe that the root cause of the current environmental situation has come about due to a deep disconnection of the feminine. This has happened for men and for women over hundreds if not thousands of years. There are some tragic misunderstandings and ignorance in humans regarding the relationship between the masculine and feminine principles that have led to the current situation unfolding. This has resulted in the external imbalances we are now seeing manifested on Earth. The deepest work every human is being called to do by existence right now is to re-connect with our own nature and to reconnect to nature itself rather than view it as external or separate to us. We need to find the courage to deeply feel again and from there connect with the love we are and make the changes from that place.

" . . . Once we have 'fallen in love outwards', once we have experienced the fierce joy of life that attends extending our identity into nature, once we realise that the nature within and the nature without are continuous, then we too may share and manifest the exquisite beauty and effortless grace associated with the natural world  . . . "
-John Seed

YOU TUBE Little grandmothers message from the Earth

From Denial to Despair...

'When we stop the endless internal war waged daily on ourselves we will cease to engage in war with others'

When we hear information about the current state of the planet we often feel uncomfortable and painful emotions and for most of us we choose to swallow them down and hope they will go away or hope that what we are hearing isn't true as they would seem to threaten our very life, our safety, our livelihoods, our values and our children's lives. It can seem too difficult or overwhelming to take it in because we end up feeling very afraid, powerless, emotionally overwhelmed and ineffective to do anything about it.
However, our willingness to feel the emotions that arise in us are an important step along the path to transforming the situation as they connect us to life and to our love for what we care about and this brings immense strength to take action from a place love rather than fear. If we can find the courage to feel deeply and move from denial through our despair we will find our love and from this place we become 'Love in action' and there is nothing more powerful than this as a force for change. This is the space that Living Love invites us to explore.

“The anguish we feel for what is happening is inevitable and normal and even healthy. Pain is very useful. Because if we are afraid to feel that, we won’t feel where it comes from and where it comes from is love, our love for this world. That’s what is going to pull us through.”  Joanna Macy

 Being present and engaged to crisis can transform ways of seeing. But it is deeply challenging to remain embodied and present in the face of potential chaos, fear and uncertainty. Confusion and suffering are the old ways of coping and structures break down. Birthing of something new is exciting yet painful. Living through a paradigm shift can feel like walking between two worlds and this is the task ahead, to bring these together and balance the masculine and feminine energies.

Threshold circles - Wild nature immersion

9-13 Aug 2017 - at the EarthHeart centre in the ancient Forest of Dean (nr the Wye Valley)

This is a 5 day outdoor wild nature experience set in the middle of the stunningly beautiful 200 thousand acre ancient forest of Dean. It offers breathtaking wild nature away from the distractions of modern life.

Nature as our threshold 

We will fully immerse ourselves in the nature as our threshold guide. Nature -the elements (earth, air, fire and water) our senses and our bodies will all be our teacher. 

EarthHeart sits within some of the most wild and ancient forest in the UK and offers by virtue easy access within us into it. It's about the alchemy of this total immersion into the nature around us and aligning this to our own inner wild nature so that we can come fully alive into life. An exploration into what its like to live simply and close to the land in the way our ancestors lived on this very land for thousands of years.

The Hearth

At the centre of this threshold is the hearth, a large communal fire that is always burning with simple seats in a circle around it. This is the heart of our container that supports us to keep coming back to the centre. From here we can venture out into the wild forest to journey with our threshold and then return back home to the heart and hearth. This pulse of in and out is how our ancestors lived and is much needed again in western civilisation. It is what many of us are feeling the absence of in our lives that results in our feelings of isolation, fear, anxiety, loneliness and separation.

We will keep exploring together the ways of remembering this pulse and that it is still alive in our bones and cells. Of how to access sacred knowledge of living in harmony with all life that is available to all if we slow down enough to be able to hear the wisdom of nature and the elements and how they are trying to guide us back home to wholeness.

Food and Practicals

We will prepare, cook and eat together as a tribe and take  time to drop into our connection to nourishing our souls and bodies. All communal meals with be vegan and wheat free.


The Earth is your mother, care for her
Honor all relations
Open your heart and soul to the great Spirit
All life is Sacred, treat all beings with respect
Take what is needed from the Earth and nothing more
Do what needs to be done for the good in others
Give constant thanks to the Great Spirit for each new day
Speak the truth, but only of the good in others
Follow the rhythms in nature, rise and retire with the sun
Enjoy life’s journey but leave no trace.