flying flamingos

My favourites about:


Joanna Macy is an inspiring Teacher of Deep Ecology, Living Systems and ‘The work that reconnects’. 
Sustainable Life: solutions to the environmental crisis
Flight Pledge Union: We choose not to support flying and here are facts about the environmental impact of flying and what to do about it.
Seat61: how to get about by ship and train
Ecotricity: a 100% wind power electricity supplier which guarantees to price match your current supplier & take 5 minutes to change over.
Tree sisters: A womens organisation for sustainability
An Inconvenient Truth: film about climate change 
Greenpeace: who receive a proportion of Living Love’s profits
Save the Bees now: Bees are dying off worldwide and our entire food chain is in peril. Scientists blame toxic pesticides.
Save our Forest: A UK organisation that is trying to stop the UK government from selling of our woodlands. Please support them by signing the petition
The Story of Stuff: A 20 minute cartoon film about consumerism that is clear and easy to understand.

Other Things of Interest

Shakti Art: beautiful art by Simone Wilkie (participant)
NSPCC: They receive a proportion of Living Love’s profits
Satyananda: Beautiful teacher of truth and divine Love.
Adyashanti: Beautiful teacher of truth and divine Love.
Jason Tyne: Conscious Sacred sexuality and intimacy workshops for gay and bysexual men.