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PLEASE NOTE:  During the workshops your relationship is held in the highest regard and there is no explicit sexual contact in the group setting (this kind of intimacy only happens in the privacy of your bedroom) The space is held in a professional and respectful manner and your work soley with your own partner and no one else and your personal choices are honoured at all times.

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"I’ve done quite a number of workshops with different teachers, but Jewels’ couples workshops have been the deepest, most powerful and beautiful experiences I’ve had so far. I am so grateful to the new start you have given my relationship."
John C

"The workshop was the most beautiful, healing experience for me personally, and for our relationship. It helped us to explore our love and sexual connection in ways we had not thought possible. After years of struggle, and endless personal and couples counselling, we moved, almost without any effort, into a place of greater sexual openness, love and freedom. It has also deepened our emotional and spiritual connection and was the most profoundly effective and powerful personal development course I have ever attended. ‘Life changing’ for once, would be no exaggeration."

"I arrived at the couples workshop with my lover, but left with my soul mate."

"It was a wonderful workshop, we have been married for 29 years, the last few years have posed many problems with career and family etc and this had taken a real tole on our relationship. The first part of the workshop was 'cathartic' and by Saturday evening we were in a state of bliss and a week later we feel our relationship is probably better than it was when we were newly wed."
Mark and Susan

"For one human being to love another, that is the ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other work is but preparation."
Rainer Maria Rilke


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The ecology of relationship

Workshops, courses and private session for couples

The couples program of workshops and courses are designed for heterosexual couples. They are designed to enable the relationship to be experienced as the full potential of each partner through your intimate connection between you (private sessions and private retreats are for both heterosexual and same sex couples)

Whether you have been together for 50 years or are new together you are welcome. Whether your relationship is rich and fulfilling and you simply want to deepen what you have already or if you're struggling and in difficulty you are welcome.

We weave many different approaches together to open up and experience this potential of the highest relationship possible.
The courses we offer are NOT Tantra (nor do they include the typical things that many tantra workshops offer) 
They are embedded in Sacred practices from many traditions across the world and are weaved with modern new thinking philosophies. They offer clear pathways to conscious relating and Sacred sexuality. 

We create a safe and professional environment within which the transformation can happen. You will be offered maps and experiential practices for working with the blocked energetic pathways in you that prevent the total flow of love, freedom, intimacy and trust between you.

True intimacy and deep love in a relationship starts with rooting ourselves in our own centre and not getting lost in the other and from there each partner being willing to reveal their own soul, heart and spirit. The more we do this the more we naturally feel connected to ourselves, respect each other and are able to experience vulnerability as an empowering act that deeply connects us to Love. Couples can experience the power and beauty of being profoundly and deeply open to each other while staying utterly rooted their own being. Relationship then becomes not only a beautiful pathway to our own remembering of Love but as a gift to the whole of life itself. 

" . . we have had years of therapy and marriage guidance and we discovered more in one weekend than we did in the past 10 years . . " Mark and Lisa

Intimate Love

Workshop for couples


This 4 day residential immersion is designed to take you as a couple of a profound and transformational journey into the deepest healing and the wildest Love between you. To bring your relationship into alignment with the vision you have for it and call forth your longing into an alchemical container of co-creation.
It can be taken as way to give your relationship a complete overhaul or to expand and enrich what you already have.
It leaves no stones unturned that might be preventing the full flow of potential between you. It offers a clear and simple map with which to navigate every aspect of your relationship including the common themes that couples struggle with like: communication, sex, power, money . . . to name a few . . . . The map acts as a bright light that get to the root of what is getting in the way and shows you the path through and back into heart centre intimacy and the co creative vision you have together. 

It's offers profound, yet simple methods to open more deeply into the realms of sacred loving intimacy. To re-kindle the spark that might have been lost or tend to the fire already alive that wants to grow. This powerful, transformative, clear and simple map has been developed over 20 years. It includes tools for honest and heart centred communication as well as ways to support you to move through challenges you might be facing together. It provides a safe, loving and professional context for you both as a couple to be supported.

We will give you experiential practices inspired by sacred spiritual teachings that you take away with you and continue to use in your every day life together. This workshop offers a way to keep your relationship being the vision you initial held for it and what your hearts still long for. It creates a space away form the fast pace of life with all the responsibilities it holds and is time for you without these distractions to slow down enough to be able to listen for that whisper that is calling you back home to the place of your vulnerability that is an empowering gift of love to yourself and your partner. 

We weave many different approaches together to open up and experience this potential of the highest relationship possible.
The courses we offer are NOT Tantra (nor do they include the typical things that many tantra workshops offer) 
They are embedded in Sacred practices from many traditions across the world and are weaved with modern new thinking philosophies. They offer clear pathways to conscious relating and Sacred sexuality. 

These 4 days offer time for your relationship, which can often feel challenging to create within the daily demands of life. By giving this much space to the relationship it allows a chance for magic to flow and love to take you into new depths and heights. It is designed for couples who wish to explore the alchemical dance of how to give and receive love as a way to come back into divine union.

You are welcome 

Whatever your relationship is at the moment you are welcome. The workshop offers a space to be supported with the struggles as well as celebrate you both and take you deeper and higher. There will be plenty of time to dive deep into the landscape of Sacred sexuality through the gateway of vulnerability, heart nakedness, being present and slowing down. There will be time spent with the group together learning meditations and receiving support for any difficulties and you will also be given intimate sacred practices to try in the privacy of your own bedroom. 

During the workshops your relationship is held in the highest regard and there is no explicit sexual contact in the group setting (this kind of intimacy only happens in the privacy of your bedroom)
The space is held in a professional and respectful manner and your work solely with your own partner and no one else and your personal choices are honoured at all times.

This workshop also acts as a good foundation to the  longer more in-depth couples year course we offer 'The garden of Love' It offers the map that all the work is sat within. We highly recommend attending one if you're not sure or if you have not worked with us before. You will also have an experience of what it is like to be supported together in your relationship in a group context. 

(If you can't make any of the dates we also offer private taster sessions for you —  dates and times can be arranged between us as required)

The Garden of Love

Year long course for couples 

All relationships include the ways they work and are a beautiful easy flow of Love and joy and also ways they are challenging or even extremely painful. This is normal and simply how it is for us as humans in our journey to learning how to truly love and be loved.

This course is an extended transformational journey spread over a year. It's designed specifically for heterosexual couples who wish to deeply explore their relationship as a catalyst for total awakening deep ecstatic loving intimacy. In a safe container and within a Sacred context you will explore how to create loving and honest intimacy, sacred sexuality, tools to move through conflict and difficulty and you will do all this within a supportive circle of fellow travellers as well as with the professional and caring guidance of the teachers. Your relationship will act as the crucible to Love by bringing light to the shadows and rising into the Highest Love together. This is a journey for self, the relationship and for the transformation of collective field of humanity.


  • Communication
  • Heart, body and soul intimacy 
  • Healing core wounding/negative beliefs
  • Sacred sexuality and sexual healing
  • Emotional fluency (including dealing with anger, fear, despair etc
  • Conflict - how to navigate and transform it
  • Create a container for the relationship to flourish
  • Managing the pressures of life/work/family balance
  • Negotiating needs and wants (especially when different
  • Plus many more . . . . . 

There is a saying that it takes a community to raise a child and in our experience it takes a community to make relationship truly flourish. When our relationship is held within the support of circle of people who are also on the same journey so much more can be held, moved, seen, allowed, healed and transformed. A container of trust and continuity is created so as to be able to hold with kindness and gentleness our human wounds that we carry about Love. We can heal the shame and hurt that prevents us from truly being able to be free within ourselves and to Love with totality.

For this reason the course is designed so that you travel with the same group of couples committed over the time. It offers enough space and guidance for each couple to learn what they need for the relationship to be the most it can be. Building on what works well and radical accessible tools to be able to navigate the difficult aspects. Below is information about what will be covered on the course. The 11 gateways to optimum relationship.

PLEASE NOTE: During the courses couples are committed to being with each other and you work solely with your partner during the exercises. You are guaranteed a respectful and professional environment which ensures your personal agreed values as a couple for the relationship and these are honoured at all times. There is no 'partner swapping' or sexual activity in the workshop space. You work solely with your own partner only. Any sexually intimate practices that may be offered during the courses are given to you to practice in the privacy of your bedroom. 

11 gateways to optimum relationship

1. Quality time - Creating time specifically for the nourishment and growth of the relationship is vital. Not things such as watching tv together or doing practical stuff but time to really BE together without everyday life distractions. For example this could include regular practices together that support the relationship and develop awareness and deeper open love between you. Couples often say "but life is too busy for this"  - It is like tending to our garden - without watering, the flowers will die and without regular weeding, they take over.

2. Self Love (Relating from our own centre) - This is the foundation stone for optimum relating with our partner. When we connect with our partner from feeling loving and kind towards ourselves so much more love is possible together. For many reasons we might struggle in loving ourselves or get affected by our partners actions or words and lose touch with feeling love towards ourselves. 

3. Good communication - A lot of couples get stuck here, one seemingly speaking Italian and the other Japanese and getting lost in translation. The ability to truly hear each other and speak with an honest open heart that is in the service of love is vital. Both for moving through conflict as well as for being able to express our needs, feel a desire to meet our partners needs from love and choice rather than shoulds or 'deals'.

4. Gratitude - Expressing gratitude with each other on a regular basis is like tending the garden, especially if there has been a drought. Expressing the little things day to day that we appreciate about our partner or ourselves is food for the heart. Remembering the good stuff and why we are in relationship rather than focusing on the 'problems' helps keep our hearts open even with the hurts.

5. Emotional maturity and intelligence - Conscious mature emotional expression is healthy and natural and keeps the energy open and flowing in our bodies, hearts and minds. Pent up emotions are like damming up a river. Toxic emotions destroys intimacy. Learning to express our emotions beyond blaming our partner or ourselves keeps the relationship alive and brings a vulnerable open intimacy.

6. Vulnerability - Taking the risk to express to our partner our 'undefended self' creates trust and a deeper field of love. Choosing to show the parts of ourselves that we believe will be judged or rejected is profoundly healing both on a personal level as well as serving to deepen the heart connection together.

7. Non sexual loving touch - Physical affection and tender loving touch that does not have a sexual agenda creates safety and trust  and can sometimes speak louder than words.

8. Sacred sexuality - Expressing Love through the body and our sexual flow of energy. Going beyond sex as obligation, or using it as a stress management tool, or avoidance of deeper intimacy. Sacred sexuality is a way of sharing deep intimacy in the broadest spectrum of the word.  It is a true meeting of Love and Freedom and when this is experienced between you it can transform the whole relationship.

9. Innocence - Remembering and allowing expression of our playfulness and innocence is vital. To be able to delight in the wonder and miracle of life through the eyes and heart of the magical child inside of us bring a softness and creative connection to the relationship.

10. Divine remembering - It's important to remember that the relationship is something Sacred, a sense that you are held by something more than each of you at the level of your humanity and that reminds you of your essential state of Grace. This is specially helpful to in times of difficulty and hurt.

11. External support - Culturally we have been taught to keep quiet about our relationship struggles and pretend to the world that all is OK. We end up feeling shame and a sense of failure if things are not perfect. We tend to try to sort the problems out alone or ignore them and hope they go away. Rarely do either of these methods work. Having support either with someone professional or good honest friends you trust is a wise and mature act of care for the relationship. This also transforms the personal as well as collective shame that we carry about feelings of failure. It helps to transform not only our own relationship but in the collective field as we discover we are not the only one's experience these struggles. So take a leap and see if any of the options below could meet your need for support

Private sessions and bespoke retreats for couples

Sessions and private retreats are available for heterosexual and lesbian couples (either by skype or in person) who would like more focused in depth, personal support with their relationship. 

All couples have challenges within relationship and this is normal. What is challenging is the pressure that society puts on couples to be 'happy together'. It can be hard to seek support as it's easy to feel a sense of failure if things are not going well or as you hoped.

Perhaps it is such that you deeply love each other and know you want to be together but there are areas of the relationship that are not flowing so well and you would like to build on what works well and seek support with what is difficult. 
Or maybe you have been stuck for a while and constantly in conflict and just don't know how to get through it.Or maybe things feel 'dead' and your just ticking along but not really connecting anymore. Or maybe your at the point where thing are so difficult you want to end the relationship. Whatever and however it is your welcome to bring it all. I offer a safe and loving space to support you both to come to true choices about what you want and then how to create that.

It is in my view a wise couple who recognise the wisdom in seeking guidance and support from outside the relationship whether its good or difficult. It can be very helpful to have more focused time and space with an experienced relationship guide who has the skill and experience to see what is happening at the deepest level and help the couple get back on track. Whether you have been together for 40 years or 4 months you are welcome. For couples who have been together for many years it can bring back that connection that you remember having all those years ago and for new couples starting out it can help create a strong foundation for the relationship to be able to navigate the potential ups and downs to come.

What's on offer for you as a couple

There are various options for you as a couple to receive support, below is information and exmaples of what is on offer. It is also possible to chnage any of them, add or subtract, or create your own bespoke package. Please contact me if you want to discuss anyhitng that is outside of the suggestions below . . . . . 

Sessions via skype

It is also possible to have sessions over skype. I usually recommend 90 minutes minimum as things can often take a little longer when there are 2 people. Please contact to discuss. I charge £65 an hour for skype sessions.

Sessions at EarthHeart centre 

Face to face sessions take place at the EarthHeart centre in the forest of Dean (very easy to get to by car or public transport from London and other UK places). There are various optiopns

  • Weekly/fortnightly/monthly 1-2 hour sessions
  • Breakthrough session 3-4 hours
  • One day intensive 
  • Two day retreat 

Breakthrough sessions

These are usually 3-4 hours and are helpful if you want to look at a particular issuse in your relationship and tackle head on. An issue that maybe feels really stuck but you want to give it your full focus and intention to breakthrouhg the stuckness. This is also sutiablke if you have small children and cannot take more than a few hours away from family life. 

One day intensives

These are designed to give enough space and time away from your life for a day to really work on the relationship. Maybe there is an issue that keeps arising over and ovr agaon and you just don't seem to be able to move through it . . . .

Arrival is at 10am and we would end by 4.30pm with a lunch break in the middle. Some couples prefer to come for a one day intensive rather than a two day retreat for various reasons, either due to budget or because taking more time away from work or family is not an option. 

COSTS: £195 per person

I suggest a follow up 90 minute session over skype after a month or two. It may be that more than one session is helpful in which case that is also an option to continue or come back for more longer sesions again to EarthHeart.

Arrive 10am and have a cup of tea
First session 10.30am-1pm
break for lunch 1- 2pm
Second session 2pm-4.30pm Including summarising and where to go from here 

AVAILABILITY The day intensives are offered weekdays Monday to Friday throughout the year, excluding bank holidays, Christmas and Easter. Generally speaking there's a 2 months wait time for an available slot.

If you would like to book please CONTACT JEWELS

Two day bespoke retreats

These retreats are one of our most popular offerings for couples. 
They are totally unique in the UK and quite different to going to regular therapy, couples counselling or to a couples workshop. 
Because we are together over a longer period of time this provides spaciousness without stress to slowly go deeper into what needs healing and stay with it, so there is no feeling of rushing.
It also gives integration time between sessions and this is a key component that supports sustained change to happen. This is also supported by the fact that you away form your daily life with all the distractions and demands that brings. You stay at EarthHeart during the whole time which creates the feeling of safety and being able to stay focused and supported. The retreats provide a held, safe, professional and confidential context to tend to your relationship in whatever aspects of it are needing to be healed. Because I am only working with you I can focus 100% of the specific issues you feel need attention and stay with you through the jounrey, and support you every step of the way. 
Some of the time during the retreat will be face to face and some of the time might be spent in the privacy of your bedroom trying practices you have been taught that directly support the issues you are working with. All set in the beautiful Forest and surrounded by wild and inspiring nature which I encourage you to spend time in to give nourishment to the relationship.

". . . I just wanted to say how amazing the experience was . . . it was soul opening. . .   We now treat each other with respect, trust, and compassion which was completely deteriorated and lost over the years. . . . It was all the time somehow still intact and we are so grateful to you for making this happen. Thank you so much for your gift.. . " (couples intensive)


Booking avilability: These retreats are offered weekdays Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. Generally speaking there's a 2 months wait time for an available slot.

Time frame: Arrival is 2pm on the first day and end early afternoon on the second day.

Staying at EarthHeart during your retreat is a key component of the work. You are given a self container studio apartment that overlooks the forest 360 degrees all around and metres away from the windows of the apartment. You have the grounds and forest to relax in or takes walks into. You can either bring your own food with you and cook in the kitchenette in your apartment or you can eat out if you prefer.

Prices: £340 per person - (this price includes your accommodation)

Follow up: 
I suggest a follow up 90 minute session over skype after a month or two. It may be that more than one session is helpful in which case that is also an option to continue or come back for more longer sesions again to EarthHeart.

ADJUSTING THE PACKAGE If this package does not feel quite right, I am also more than happy to see what would work, do please get in touch to discuss. Maybe longer for example - coming for a whole week or more.  If you would like to book please CONTACT JEWELS


  • All sessions at EarthHeart are charged at £70 an hour.
  • All sessions over skype are charged at £65 an hour

Please note: During the time together your relationship is held within a sacred and professional context and your personal modesty and boundaries as a couple are always respected. There is absolutely no sexual engagement between the coach and the clients in any way whatsoever. The coach is with you to facilitate the deepening and honouring of your connection together.

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