"Jewels has an inherently divine gift over and above human possibility because I have never been able to trust anyone in the way I have trusted her to help me heal my past."

Sinead, participant of year long course 

". . . . I am so grateful I found the courage to come to EarthHeart, more so for the offering of grieving and to receive so much love, acceptance and to be seen via the collective creation you have so courageously, beautifully birthed into community. EarthHeart is a beautiful place, deeply held in the forest and was so so healing to walk into each morning before we began together.. . . . Laura 

GRIEFWALKER (watch a 5 minute clip on grief)

“. . . The crucible of making human beings is death. Every culture that is worth a damn knows that. It is not success. It’s not growth. It’s not happiness. It’s death. That’s the cradle of your love of life, the fact that it ends. . . ”

“Grief is a feeling and a skill. And the twin of grief as a skill of life is the skill of being able to praise or love life which means wherever you find one authentically done, the other is very close at hand - grief and the praise of life, side by side.” Stephen Jenkinson

". . . . It was such an amazing and transformation experience for me, to have grieved collectively in the way we did, wow, a weekend I'll never forget.  I feel I had something resembling a rebirth, feel so much lighter and softer and internally cleansed.. . . " Chris - university politics lecturer

Well of Grief
Those who will not slip beneath
the still surface of the well of grief
turning downward through its black water
to the place we cannot breathe

will never know the source from which
we drink,
the secret water,
cold and clear, nor find in the darkness glimmering
the small round coins
thrown away by those who wished for something else.

David Whyte


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Upcoming Events

8-11 June Intimate Love couples  

7-9 July Faces of the Masculine - Men

Volunteering program at EarthHeart - We are currently taking applications for long term live position here at EarthHeart, to find out more contact us for detials and an application form.

'The calling' is an intensive life changing experience for perosnal and collective awakening. 

At this time on Earth humanity is at a threshold, some say we have been on our way to total destruction of the world, whether this is true or not, whatever has been going on has been going on for a long time.

What is new is that there is a mass awakening in humanity that something needs to change, that the way we have been living is not working. We are waking up to a call from the soul to change the way we relate to ourselves, each other and to the wider web of life. How to hold precious what we love and protect life in all it’s diversity. We are awakening to a longing to create a future for our children that is life sustaining. To return to a way of living that is community based, that brings us a sense of a belonging to a circle of kindred spirit.

New ways of seeing are coming into focus, and ancient ways are returning. This work we offer attempts to meet this awakening and open pathways to the new paradigm of living as one heart, with respect for life as sacred, with equality and with a re-membering of why we are here and how to live in the fullness of our love, power and souls longing.

Only audacious actions make sense now, the time of the lone wolf is over. We must come together, we must come out of the ‘every man for himself’ paradigm and recognize that together we are stronger than alone, that we need each other at a level that leaves us feeling intensley vulnerable but at the same time connect us to a truth we have been aching to connect with and bring forth into being.

We are being called to come out of fear and recognize that we need each other for the transformation of our world and our personal lives and for the shift in consciousness needed across our earth at this time.

We are on a precipice, a threshold and it us we who are writing the history of the future. How do we place the sacred at the centre of our lives. How to care for the future and to caring for the natural world, to health and wellbeing of our loved one’s. How do we honour all life as equal. How do we find the courage to make bold and audacious decisions in our lives

This event is held at the EarthHeart centre, both in the beautiful Celtic EarthLodge with it's fire hearth, the Forest temple all in the context of ancient wild forest. They are offered in direct response to the increasing feelings of despair, sadness, anger, powerlessness, fear and anxiety that so many people are navigating as we see and hear the news each day, ways in which our wold is falling apart. Guided by the four elements of life: Earth, air, fire and water and the spirit of Love, they open a space for us to come back to our soul essence, the sacredness of life and to find pathways to engage in the transformation of our lives, our community and the world. 

Listen to an online seminar about this workshop

How can I help...

Right now across the earth humanity is in crisis and we are at a Threshold. The environment is being devastated, the political systems are going haywire, health and education is not meeting the needs of the children and the vulnerable. We have lost our communities and a sense of belonging, there is mass global poverty, increasing war creating death, hardship and homelessness on a global scale, the list goes on. . . . . . 

As time goes by we feel it more and more and the feelings that accompany this global crisis increases. Each of us experiences it is a different way. For example, for some of us it is on a very personal level in our lives and some of us are feeling it in context to the wider field and the global picture. It makes no difference where we put our focus, we are all feeling it to a lesser or greater degree. Some of us cope by numbing out and avoiding engaging and some of us are becoming overwhelmed with it all and the feelings are too much to bear.

We have lost connection, we have lost our way as a species and now we are seeing the resulting manifestation. Most of us feel powerless to create the change we want to see in our own lives let alone at the level of global change.
Whatever our personal experience, it all comes back to the profound disconnect in humanity. We need to come back to living from our hearts, to come out of separation and competition, to reinstate communities and find ways to strengthen our ability to co create a world we all want.

" . . . What is happening in our personal lives is a direct mirror to what is happening at a global level. We cannot transform one without the other . . . . .we keep trying to fix the problems on the outisde without rooting ourselves on the inside . . . . "

These weekends offer ways to:

  • Explore deep feelings in a safe and held space with the support of others.  
  • Be a part of a powerful circle of people who want to transform our world, our own lives and the lives of those around us.
  • Open up ways to living a life that has meaning for us beyond the mundane and basic survival.
  • Let go of things in our life that no longer serves so we can make space for the new.
  • Reclaim parts of our soul-self that has been lost.
  • Heal aspects of ourselves that feels deeply hurt or broken.
  • Find empowered ways we can support those who are suffering.
  • Find ways to engage with how to take action from love to protect our beautiful world.
  • Speak our truth and make changes that are needed in our lives.
  • Accept, heal and love parts of ourselves we judge as somehow wrong, bad or shameful.

The power of the collective

You are welcome just as you are, in your broken heart, your confusion, despair, longing and excitement. You do not need to know the how, just bring it all and your openness to explore. And we will open to the powerfull transformational energy of the collective. What happens when we come together as a community of soul hearts and support each other to be the best version of ourselves that we can. The weekends will include embodied practices to support our journey, movement and breath work as well as time in nature to nourish and ground us. 

There will be a ceremony on the Saturday evening in the EarthLodge with the fire for us to step through our personal and collective thresholds if we wish.

To find out about the practicals and costs click here

Thresholds -Elemental nature immersion

10-13 Aug 2017 - at EarthHeart in the ancient Forest of Dean (nr the Wye valley)

This is an outdoor on the land experience set in the middle of the beautiful 200 thousand acre ancient forest of Dean. It offers breathtaking wild nature away from the distractions of modern life.

"An invitation to fully immerse ourselves in the nature that surrounds us and the nature within us"

Nature, the elements (earth, air, fire and water) our senses and our bodies will all be our teacher. Honouring indigenous earth based spirituality and offering an understanding of our sacred interconnectedness with all life physical and non physical.

EarthHeart sits within some of the most wild and ancient forest in the UK and offers by virtue easy access within us into it. The invitation is about the alchemy of this total immersion into the nature around us and aligning this to our own inner wild nature so that we can come fully alive into life. Living simply on the land in the way our ancestors lived for thousands of years.

The Hearth

At the centre is the hearth, a large communal fire that is always burning with simple seats in a circle around it. This is the heart of our container that supports us to keep coming back to the hearth that holds the soul and heart of our collective experience.

We will explore the ways of remembering this pulse and that it is still alive in our bones and cells. Of how to access sacred knowledge of living in harmony with all life that is available to all if we slow down enough to be able to hear the wisdom of nature and the elements and how they are trying to guide us back home to wholeness.

We need to find the balance of time alone to come back into ourselves and put our roots ever deeper into the earth and time connect with humanity and the web of life. The camp offers a supportive context to explore the right balance of this for each of us and enable choice from a place of connection to life rather than from fear or overwhelm.

Children are of course welcome. There is no childcare provision offered by us so carers/parents will be asked to take full responsibility for the safety and childcare of their little one's.

Numbers are strictly limited so early booking is advised. Everyone is welcome no matter where you come from or who you are. 

To find out about the practicals and costs click here


The Earth is your mother, care for her
Honor all relations
Open your heart and soul to the great Spirit
All life is Sacred, treat all beings with respect
Take what is needed from the Earth and nothing more
Do what needs to be done for the good in others
Give constant thanks to the Great Spirit for each new day
Speak the truth, but only of the good in others
Follow the rhythms in nature, rise and retire with the sun
Enjoy life’s journey but leave no trace.

Grace, Grief & Gratitude 

29 Dec - 2016 - 1 Jan 2017 -  EarthHeart
For prices, dates and practicals CLICK HERE

This is a 4 day journey for transitioning one year to the next. 
It includes a ceremony on gratitude and a ceremony on letting go of what we no longer need and an opportunity to grief for what we love and have lost.

If you are struggling at the moment to know how to be with everything that is going on in the world this workshop is designed for you. It offers a held space to be able to explore difficult feelings like hopelessness, powerlessness, despair and grief and find a deeper connection to a sense of the chnage that we all want to see and how to be a part of that. 

The focus of this Threshold is how to live from our deepest, wildest most potent love and truly say yes to life in all it's dimensions. We can only do this when we are willing to acknowledge our losses and compost what we no longer need.

". . . . Grief and Gratitude are held within the larger field of Grace and are an equal and essential part of the journey of being human. . . . . "


  • Because you love life and hold precious those close to you and want to open your heart even more to them.
  • Because you are not sure how to be with all the feelings that are in you in relation to what is happening in thew world.
  • Because you love the natural world and want to do all you can to nurture and protect it.
  • Because when you hear news about the environmental destruction, violence and poverty, you experience feelings of anger, sadness, powerlessness, despair, numbness or overwhelm.
  • Because you have a thousand un-met needs from your past and it still hurts.
  • Because someone important in your life has died or a significant relationship has ended.
  • Because you'd like to have more meaning and purpose in your life.
  • Because you feel numb to grief 
  • Because you are depressed or angry with life.
  • Because you want to be more connected to your heart and you capacity for love to open you.
  • Because you're navigating physical illness/disease with your body and your health and/or finding it hard to accept.

Whatever your reason (and there are many more that listed here above) you are welcome. 

Grief and Loss. . . .

Acknowledging and embracing grief and loss in us is a powerful gateway to the deepest Love. Grief is a radical spiritual act that breaks our hearts open to Love and to the vast and beautiful landscape of gratitude, for we only grieve for what we love. It opens us to depths of love in ourselves in a way that few others things can. It carves love into our souls like water carves valleys into the mountains, it is a gift to all that are courageous enough to travel along her.

". . .We only grieve for what we love so wherever there is love there is grief and wherever their is grief there is love. . . " Frances Weller

Gratitude is the hearts language of love

The degree to which we are able to honour losses in us and allow our grief to be felt is equal to our ability to love, to truly open our hearts and be a wellspring of lifeforce. 
Because g
ratitude and grief are in sacred union and cannot exist without each other we must embrace our grief if we want to live in Love.
Healthy grieving is not a dark, depressed, heavy experience of no hope and despair, it's a cathartic sacred gateway to love It reminds us that we are part of the web of life and that Love is at the centre of our experience. 
Grieving is the missing component right now in the collective field of human evolution. We have for many decades lost touch with the value of grief and therefore lost touch with our authentic love and gratitude for life. We don't have to look very far to see the impact of this in our lives, communities and across the earth.
It is deeply needing to be embraced at this time, for the wellbeing of ourselves and also for the health of our communities and the entire planet. It is not about feeling grief to get rid of it
. Rather, allowing it as a tender, vulnerable, wild and soul deepening gateway to connect to something that is life affirming and authentically positive, rather than a trying to be positive, driven by a hidden fear and panic that all might not be well. 

Grief wants to flow in us, it does not need to be pushed. It is not that we don't have any grief, we all have a well of unexpressed grief within us that is waiting to be welcomed and without the flow of this grief, the capacity to experience love and really open to life has a limit. 


It is an inevitable aspect of our human experience that we will lose things we love through our lifetime and grief is the natural and right response. But when loss comes we act surprised  like there has been a mistake in the divine order of things. We have come far away from our connection to the natural cycles of death and rebirth. That loss is inevitable. It is not about preventing loss in order to truly find happiness but about how to be in relationship with loss that takes us to living from our deepest love moment to moment, here and now.

". . . . at this time on Earth it could be argued that to NOT be on our knees broken with immense feelings of grief is the true madness of humanity . . . . "

The freedom in grieving

Grief is not just the gentle tears that subtly role down our cheek from time to time with an apology. Nor is it only the depressed hopeless empty void of despair.
Grief is an alive, wild, cathartic rainbow of emotional expression that includes our anger, fear, despair, confusion and heart break in all of it's colours. It is not to be analysed or fixed but to be felt like the weather, held in sacred space.
No one can say that the way we grief is right or wrong. Each of us has our own way of it moving though us and the invitation from love is to feel it fully uncensored. It comes in waves like the ocean brings her waters to the shore and all we can do is surrender. If we try to fight with the waves we will exhaust ourselves and drown.

Societies rules . . .

The encouraged method in modern society to deal with grief is to numb out. We are offered a plethora of ways to do this from TV, drinking/drugs, shopping etc, the list is endless.
And we continue to go about our daily lives pretending to ourselves that all is well.
Due to decades of grief being suppressed it's become buried under a weight of shame and self judgment that it's weak and pointless. We fear if we open up to it we'll drown in a never-ending river of tears that takes us only into endless despair. We are like a damned up river that can no longer freely flow with life and instead sit slowly stagnating and dying. 

". . . . In order to take action to protect and nurture life, grief is the first essential step, then our action comes from deep inside our love . . . . "

The gift of collective ceremony

So how do we open to the grief inside when it has been dammed up for so long ?
We need to grief in the company of others. This is counter to what we have been taught but the truth is that grief is most transformational when experience with others. It is not meant to be felt alone. When one person allows their grief to flow in the company of others they are not just gifting themselves, they also gifting the collective field. Some cultures are still in touch with this wisdom - at funerals, everyone wails and lament by the coffin allowing grief to be fully felt, seen, uncensored, without embarrassment. When we grieve this way something catalytic and transformational happens for all involved. 
When we and our grief are held within a sacred collective context and we grieve until we are fully given, lament through our bodies, breath and heart a cleansing of the soul happens and a natural authentic joy enters our hearts. Not a superficial joy from denial or suppression but from a deep embrace of life.

Ancient indigenous teachings

A living example of this is the Dagara people of Africa, they understand this deeplyThey give space to grief together in their village on a regular basis. Every month there will be a grief ritual in the village, all work stops and everyone comes, from the grandmothers to the youngest children and they purge their losses, feel their grief, witness each other, support each other and a YES to life is the outcome.

The workshop is offered specifically at this time of year, the season of winter, which in the cycle of life is the season of death/letting go. In this way nature will support our journey of grief and keep us connected to the web of life and our place in it. Over these 4 days we will walk the path of grief. Getting intimate with how it moves in us, including our tears, anger, fear and so on because grief has many ways of moving in us. We will be creating a ceremony inspired by the Dagara tradition and other traditions of our ancestors.

This work is informed by: Joanna Macy, Sobonfu Some, Frances Weller, Stephen Jenkinson, Stephen Levine.

Whoever you are and whatever you have lost or fear losing you are welcome to join us on this journey.

Still not sure ?

Read an article from 'The Guardian' newspaper on the subject of grief.  

For prices and practicals please CLICK HERE

Frances Weller's - Five gates of grief 

We will be working with these gateways as our guide map for our journey with grief.

  • The First Gate: Everything we love, we will lose
  • The Second Gate: The places that have not known love
  • The Third Gate: What we expected on arrival and did not receive
  • The Fourth Gate: The sorrows of the world
  • The Fifth Gate: Ancestral grief

if you would like to know more about these gateways you can listen to this audio by Frances Weller on you tube

DJ, Ecstatic dance and Sacred Ceremonialist 

You tube clip Ecstatic dance:
Buddhafield festival 2013 - Elements dance 
Buddhafield festival 2008 - Definition of love
Buddhafield festival 2008 - Lyrical
UK festival 2010 - Celebration dance

Jewels is available for hire as a DJ to alcohol and drug free events. She is a renowned Ecstatic dance creator and of Sacred ceremony. Her unique and eclectic collection of music can follow and enhance any crowd. She is known for her ability to 'get people dancing'. She also choreographs and leads Sacred ceremonies for special event such as betrothals, birthdays, weddings or any event that you would like to mark in a special way.

". . . for over 50 years lots of people have tried, very hard, to persuade me to enjoy dancing, they all failed.  In a couple of hours Jewels has succeeded spectacularly . . . '" Jufdi – in Wales

Please CONTACT US to find out more and ask questions.