Mark Penfold

Co- facilitator of 'Faces of the Masculine'

Paul Roberts
Co- facilitator of 'Faces of the Masculine'


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8-11 June Intimate Love couples  

7-9 July Faces of the Masculine - Men

Volunteering program at EarthHeart - We are currently taking applications for long term live position here at EarthHeart, to find out more contact us for detials and an application form.

Faces of the Masculine

A two-day workshop for men facilitated by men on the subject of relating . . . . Men, we are calling you . . . .

Are you feeling like you need a better compass with which to navigate the landscape of relating ? Whether that be at work, with family or in relationship with women.

We know what a minefield this can be and how easy it is to either get overwhelmed, lost, frustrated, or feel hopeless, pissed off and wondering where the hell the manual went?

A new path

We are here to bring you a clear and simple road map that offers a new understanding of how to relate as a man, alongside potent methods to lead you towards relating as your authentic self - empowered, courageous, vulnerable when needed - knowing your own mind through a grounded sense of self, staying open and true in the face of women, and all that life throws at you. 

Come and join us 

If this speaks to you and you are curious to find out more, we’d love to hear from you -  contact us

The workshops run over 2 days and are a mixture of straight honest talking and experiential learning, with practical techniques that you can take back and apply in your life. You will come away with direct experience of what is possible with the support of other men who get what it's like. This is a place not to be judged, but to be understood and encouraged to be the best version of yourself you can be; in relation to your families, your partner and most of all yourself.

If you would like to know more we offer a 15 minute free chat on the phone or you can email us with your questions 
Contact us or call the office on 01594 861200


8-9 July 2017
9-10 Sept 2017
21-22 Oct 2017

10am Saturday - 4pm Sunday 

TUITION - on a sliding scale
£140 if you earn up to £25,00 per annum
£160 if you earn above £25,000 per annum

Venue:  EarthHeart centre, Forest of Dean
This workshop is residential and includes all your meals, bed, hot drinks, materials and full use of the EarthHeart facilities.

There are 2 options for your stay:
In house shared bedroom £65
Camping in tent or campervan £45 

(PLEASE NOTE: if you wish to arrive on Friday evening there is an option or stay an extra night, please contact us for more info)

The facilitators

Mark Penfold 
Mark describes himself as "a recovering computer software salesman, deeply committed to self-discovery and to helping others - especially men - to be the best that they can be"

Mark is a father of two, one of whom, his son, he raised as a solo parent while navigating a successful career in the corporate world. In his early 50's he had the classic mid-life crisis and left the world he knew with a deep sense of disillusionment and emptiness even though he was financially and materially very successful.
His inner journey to find some answers took him on a path of self-exploration through intensive therapy over a number of years alongside a year-long training for men. He came out the other side with a deeper connection to life and a  sense of his soul purpose. He now brings his passion to support other men. 
He has also completed a diploma in counselling skills and is currently in a 3 year training in humanistic and integrative counselling. Mark has a gift in helping men to feel that they can open up and an ability to model vulnerability, often inspiring other men to follow suit. He is approachable and brings depth of holding, with a light touch and warm humour.

Paul Roberts
Paul is a father of two, with a long history of personal development work spanning over more than 10 years. He is a BACP registered Counsellor and draws on his experience of working therapeutically with individuals, several years participation in men’s work and a year long intensive training  for couples with his wife. He brings clear, intuitive holding with a belief that “the world is a mess, so I need to change” as his foundation for offering this work to the wider field of men.
Paul is a powerful agent for change among the men. He has a particular skill in getting underneath the top layers to the core of the matter and he brings this with a humility and integrity that creates an expanding field of possibility for men who work with him.