"It is western women who are going to save the world because they are naturally in touch with the sacredness of life" Dalai Lama 

" . . Jewels is one of those rare teachers who totally recognises the link between working with women’s bodies and working with the earth, and also how the spiritual and material need to come together through right action if we are to wake up in time to save our Mother. "
Clare Dakin- founder/director of the TreeSisters charity

". . I want to thank you for being part of what I think was a really fundamentally life changing experience for me. That sounds rather overdramatic but what I mean is that during the workshop I started to think of myself as a woman for the very first time..." 

Womb at the Center of the Universe from Timeless Earth Wisdom on Vimeo.


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Upcoming Events

8-11 June Intimate Love couples  

7-9 July Faces of the Masculine - Men

Volunteering program at EarthHeart - We are currently taking applications for long term live position here at EarthHeart, to find out more contact us for detials and an application form.

Returning women to nature and bringing them back into connected embodied wisdom

“ . . . A circle of women may be the most powerful force known to humanity. If you have one, embrace it. If you need one, seek it. If you find one, for the love of all that is good and holy, Dive in. Hold on. Love it up. Get naked. Let them see you. Let them hold you. Let your reluctant tears fall. Let yourself rise fierce and love great. You will be changed. The very fabric of you're Being will be altered by this. If you allow it. Please, Allow it.  . . . ” 

Women's empowerment is a much needed journey into reclaiming and living once again what has been lost from our lineage.  It is offered for our own personal transformation and for the collective healing of our world, as the two cannot be separated. There has never been a stronger call that now for woman to rise up and reclaim what was lost so long ago and return ourselves to our deep wisdom, power, aliveness and embodied wildness. This women's work is suitable for any woman who would like to reconnect with what it is to be a whole powerful, Sacred woman, connected to the gifts of her womb, her love and authority as a woman. At this time on Earth there is an urgent need to reclaim and bring through the gifts of the true Sacred feminine, women are feeling the call and more importantly, responding. A knowing in us that can no longer be squashed down or to make ourselves masculine to survive. That woman can no longer pretend to themselves that it is Ok the way things are. The current environmental crisis is a direct expression of the profound disconnect of humanities connection to the feminine principle. This work is offered as a personal and collective level, carving out new pathways for woman in the 21st century in this time of change. 

The current ideas offered to us by society of what women are 'supposed to be' are no longer working - the 'kitchen sink slave woman' or the 'superwoman - I can do it all and by myself ' or 'I am not a man or a woman, don't box me in'. We need to move beyond these old stereotypes/conditionings and find new ways to honour the innate qualities that are woman, our connection to our cyclical nature, intuition, relational, feeling and heart centred experience. To be in freedom, power and connection together as women and with nature rather than being in competition, disconnection and isolation. The work welcomes women from all stages of life and recognises the gifts inherent in each.

"If we are going to see real development in the world then our best investment is in women"     Desmond Tutu

This work moves beyond feminism and patriarchy and invites us to honour the gifts that are unique to women and go inwards and connect directly to the collective wisdom of the Sacred Feminine that has always been there and comes through every woman as she listens inside her womb to the whispers of our interconnectedness. It returns us to the essence of the feminine - all that is free and wild, intuitive, natural, cyclical, alive and fiercely loving.


The workshops offer you a contemporary and down to earth approach that creates a space for woman to flourish and expand into their true Sacred feminine nature. It offers a very safe space where deep healing can happen for the repression and disconnection that has occurred  including experiences of sexual, physical and/or emotional violence. This is on a personal and collective level for the violence that women and girls have been experiencing for thousands of years is in all cultures. The current environmental crisis we are in is a direct symptomatic expression of this violence.

Coming together as women is vital for this reclaiming to happen. We need to support each other to say enough is enough. To be the women we truly are and reclaim our power, come out of our shame, competition and mistrust and come into the light. Reconnect to our bodies through the natural world around us, the seasons and to the deep universal knowledge that lies within us. Reclaiming our cyclical nature, the menstrual cycle, the wisdom of our feeling nature, our intuition and our capacity to love both fiercely and tenderly. The deepest pain we carry as women is about our disconnection from our true feminine nature. The menstrual cycle for women IS her spiritual path and can guide her in every step if her life, moment to moment, month to month life stage to life stage.

The workshops are a mix of: Earth based spirituality, celtic shamanic teachings, ancient feminine based movement and dance practices, body work, breath and sound work, ancient womb based teachings, creative arts, energy healing and sacred sharing circles for truth and transformation.

The workshops are a safe, healing, gentle and wild place. All women are welcome whatever your culture, style, sexual orientation or level of fitness. No previous experience of anything is needed to attend.


Ancient Sacred women's mysteries, through the teachings of the womb medicine wheel and our ancestors and of the natures cylical rhythms of woman.

This weekend workshop is designed to give women from Maiden to Crone the original authentic guide map into how to be a woman in all her multilayer aspects and dimensions. How to fully live in herself as feminine power, a force of nature and with her natural gifts fully embodied.

Click here - Listen to a 60 minute talk on the Celtic wombdala 

This course incorporates the teachings of our ancestors, the celtic wheel of the year and cycle of women. It gives a complete originla blueprint map of these ancient teachings for women. It is suitable for all women from the maiden to the crone, whether you have a physical womb or not.

Our ancestors lived with their wombs and lunar cycles as at the centre of life for thousands of years. The cyclical nature of our wombs and the cycles of nature are a mirror of each other. 
By weaving them together we can come more deeply into balance with ourselves, the natural world we live in and in connection with the cycles of life.

We will follow the map of the solar cycle, Lunar cycle and seasons of the year, the entire web of life and the cycle of death and rebirth to see how they are all of the same thing in essence and that we as women are this cyclical nature.

It will include the teachings of the women's sacred blood mysteries and specifically about how the menstrual cycle worksas a spiritual path for woman. From there we will start to listen to how the cycles in nature call us to embody ourselves into creativity, learn from her plants and trees and wildlife about how to take more care as well as be inspired to be in the highest vibration of her Love.

Women's womb medicine Wheel

is a sacred and ancient map to the indigenous teachings of our ancestors from these lands for woman that where carried and lived for millennia. Rooted in Earth based spirituality it shows women how to connect to her essential innate full nature in every aspect from her power and wisdom through to her sexuality  creativity, spirituality, well being and the life arc of woman  in her womb consciousness.

These ancient teachings are the birthright of every women and are the essential pathway back to living in balance and harmony within ourselves and within the entire web of life. These teachings have been suppressed for millennia through the modern church and patriarchy and only now are they re-emerging as women feel courageous enough to trust their own innate body intelligence and wisdom within to hear the call. Many women have been feeling a desire to connect more deeply to themselves and who they truly are but not knowing how. 

These teachings are a way to navigate all this and what it is to be a women within the context of our 21st century modern lives with all the demands that this brings. 

What will you learn on the workshop
  • About  the life arc of a woman, honouring and exchnaging the gifts of each phase.
  • Journey the solar year within the Luna month — on the land here in the forest to reclaim our inner seasons.
  • Discover how to navigate each phase of the cycle for optimum wellbeing, access to creativity, clarify with sexuality and open to spirituality.
  • How to follow your energy. What do I need to stay well. How to take care of your body.
  • The creative process through the seasons of the cycle and what are my gifts to the world and how to bring them without burning out.
  • Redefining pre-menstruality and menopause as the gateway to our power
  • Crone wisdom and the value of the post menopause years.
  • The ancient art of womb divination to receive guidance
  • Re-defining the time of the dark moon as the source of our potency, connection and wellbeing.
  • Reclaiming our cyclical nature as a spiritual path for women.


Awakening the Sacred feminine

This workshop offers women a journey inward into experiencing a taste of yourself as woman at the truest deepest level. It is a perfect introduction to the work if you have not met Jewels before or done this kind of thing.
Because of how things have been for women on the planet for the past few hundred if not thousands of years, we have lost touch with what it is to be a woman, we have be taught overtly and covertly all kinds of things about what and how we should be and we can feel it just no longer is working and there is a rising up in us that can no longer be ignored.

Come and join the circle of women 
We already have everything inside us we need to access our true selves. This workshop is ideal as a first step, if you feel unsure if it is right for you or your feel nervous to come to something like this, it is a safe and very held supported space. You won't be made to do anything that does not feel right for you. It is designed in such a way to open a door that invites you to step deeper into yourself as the women you long to be and taste the nectar of the mysterious wisdom of your womb, your wild spontaneous natural free flowing expression. Your power, your sacred sexuality and your deep vulnerable loving heart.

We will use movement, communication, bodywork and sharing time to reconnect to ourselves as women, our cyclical nature, our intuition, our wildness and ability to enter life through the body. It will be fun, nourishing, deep, empowering and supportive. You are welcome just as you are, there is nothing you need to know in advance, just a little courage and a packed lunch

ALL women are welcome, no previous experience is needed. 



Autumn Queen

A workshop for women who are either approaching or in Menopause.

Menopause is the second Sacred right of passage in a woman life. An initiation into the next level of embodying her power.
Her first right of passage was at the time of her first menstruation, traditionally known as Menarche. In Indigenous cultures this was marked with a ceremony as a way to initiate and guide her into her power as a woman. To mark the start of her spiritual life through her womb consciousness. A journey with her womb that will take her through many life experiences. 

The Menopause marks the ending of these fertility years. Menopause is about her stepping into her power in an ever more potent way, claiming her place in the wheel of life having journeyed through her maiden and createress years she now prepares to enter the second half of her life. A process of alchemy. To look at what no longer serves her and how the power in her is now asking to be expressed in going forwards into this new phase of the Autumn Queen. To find her sovereignty as woman in her maturity, depth and power.

The Sacred Pause - a Rebirth of you

The menopause is a radical awakening for woman, from a spiritual perspective it is a gateway to 'awakening' from a feminine perspective. A gateway into an even deeper alignment with who she is as the sacred embodiment of the feminine and how to live it in this world. It is arguable the most potent time for woman and the gift it offers are deeply misunderstood and buried under the weight of the patriarchal system. It is a calling to her to discover her clarity that is unshakable in a world. To open to her bliss and power in a way that is in service to her and to the world.

Are you ready ?

Most women who are currently entering menopause where brought up in the paradigm that this is the end of the road for her. Few women of this era ever went through a Menarche ceremony or had any knowledge passed to them about the sacredness of the womb, of the power it holds or how use these powers in service to ourselves and to life. 

Then the Menopause comes and she is told by society that it's all over for her. That she will no longer needed for anything or wanted by men because she is not a maiden or a mother and she gets discarded by society. 

The Holy truth about Menopause

The truth is that this is where it starts to get really interesting for woman in a way that is not possible to comprehend until you are there. Modern Western culture has little clue about the power of a post menopausal woman and there is a lot of fear of her.

This workshop is designed for women who are feeling the call of this change and wanting to work with it consciously. It serves as a container to prepare for this experience or deepen it and really get inside what it is all about so it can truly take you deeper into yourself as woman and that you really live the life you want to live, for YOU !
It will include a ceremony to mark this right of passage and an opportunity to discover how this time of profound change can be a gift to you and take you into your power in a way that makes your life work for you. It puts you at the centre of your life. 

If any of these speak to you, you may be 
approaching or in Menopause:
  • The way you see life is fundamentally changing 
  • You can feel something deep inside calling you, a whisper that won't go away about changes you need to make in your life.
  • You've an unexplainable sense of excitement that something amazing is being birthed in you but you don't know what. 
  • You're hearing a big loud 'no' inside and you used to always be such a 'yes' person, so giving and helpful. 
  • You've lost connection to your faith / spiritual path
  • You feel like you've wasted your life/regret choices you made
  • There's a fire inside you that calls to a deeper truth
  • You want to leave or have left a long term relationship
  • You want to or have quit the job you used to love 
  • You want to do something different with your life.
  • You've lost confidence about being an attractive woman
  • You feel invisible to men
  • You've had enough of 'duty' sex
  • You can no longer cope with the demands being put on you
  • You no longer want to be mothering your children
  • You're losing your cool in a way you never used to
  • You feel teary and sad for no apparent reason
  • You feel grief about no longer being able to have children 
  • You feel empty on the inside and wondering what it is all about
  • Your body getting heat rushes in the night or day
  • Recurring health challenges, physical symptoms of many kinds
  • You've lost the life force energy you used to have

What you will receive on the workshop
  • A new understanding and ancient sacred teachings of what Menopause is about for you.
  • A new map through which to navigate this sacred passage
  • A ceremony to prepare you for it or take you deeper into it.
  • Share experiences and receive support with a circle of other menopausal women.
  • Tools and tips to help you manage your wellbeing. 

To find out dates, venue and practicals CLICK HERE



Initiation - into the Sacred Feminine

Bookings for 2018 are now open.

A year long intensive training into the reclaiming of our whole essential self as woman.

This training is spread over the celtic wheel of the year and each module is connected to the seasons of the wheel. This is a deeply transformational life changing journey.

It is unique and the only one of it's kind on offer. It's follows the Celtic wombdala which is a complete map to living the deepest whole woman you are. The dates that we gather follow the natural seasons of the year, month and life arc of woman as shown in the wombdala. These points on the year mark key energy changes and these changes are also happening within us as women. In this way we support the coming into our innate connection with these cycles living within us. It follows the 4 main quadrants of the wheel which embracing the 4 main aspects of woman. Within each of these aspects we will delve deep into the landscape to fully heal, reclaim and celebrate this aspect of woman. 

Jewels has spent the past 20 years reawakening these ancient sacred teachings. The map acts as a spiritual and practical guide book to living as whole woman. She now brings these potents ancient teachings to you so that more and more women can find their way into an empowered experience of being a woman and bringing her gifts to the world.

It takes a commitment to enter in a circle of sisters and return again and again so we can support each other in the collective unfolding.  In the old paradigm we compete with each other and keeping ourselves separate and isolated. At this time on Earth the Sacred feminine needs to return fully and bring forth the gifts she has for the transformation of all woman and our world. It is a journey into how to reclaim and embody the beauty, power, wildness and fiercely loving heart that is the true feminine - to break through the 1000's of years of conditioning. This course will cover every aspect of becoming whole woman. Reclaiming our cyclical nature, our bodies as Sacred, the cycles of the moon and our menstrual cycle and how to use that as a guide for daily life, the reclaiming of our sexuality, our feeling intuitive wisdom and how to be in the world as woman as we transform from Patriarchy and feminism to the awakening of the potent alchemy of the honouring of the Divine masculine and feminine. It is actually quite difficult to write a description of a course like this ahead of itself so below is some quotes of women's experiences. 

". . . WARNING, this course will seriously change your life forever . . . in the best possible way imaginable . . . "

  • To open to the full flow of your shakti energy as a woman 
  • Celtic teachings from the ancients spiritual indigenous traditions of these lands
  • Maps to unlock the sacred womb mysteries of knowledge held within woman's body
  • Practical tools and exercises that you can take and use in your everyday life
  • Become comfortable with you're feeling/emotional nature
  • Love your body at the deepest level
  • Communicate your truth with ease in any moment
  • Heal the wounds of your history as a woman and a girl
  • Connect with your innate womb wisdom and intuition
  • Discover the secrets of your cyclical nature 
  • Understand and experience the full spectrum of your sexuality
  • Heal sexual abuse and phycological scarring
  • Discover what your unique gifts are and how to bring them into life
  • Create deep, honest and lasting friendships with women
  • Experience the power of being supported by a circle of women on the same path as you 
  • Nourish yourself with rest and kindness as a radical act of self love
  • Know who you are as a woman and what you want and how to create the life you long to live
  • And so much more that we cannot know until we dive in and are open to the great mystery of the sacred feminine . . . 


Quotes from previous years course women

". . This group changed my life, period. I didn’t know what I was missing, because feminine presence and holding was not within my experience. Now I exist within a sisterhood of deep trust, love acceptance and woman-ness that is the centre of my world and that continues since the group completed. The process was jaw droppingly beautiful and rich beyond measure. This is gold dust, and it’s available. Amazing . . " Clare Dakin - founder of Tree sisters

 ". . .This year long course has changed my life beyond and above any other workshop I have tried of its kind! My relationship to myself, to other women and to men has changed enormously and the work I did during the year continues. I now have tools to use which further support these shifts in myself. . . "

". . One of the most beautiful things to bloom from the course was deep and trusting friendships with my sisters, which are further nurturing the emerging new self from within me. . . "

". . Doing this course will be possibly the best gift to yourself that you could give. DO IT!!!. . " Simone Wilkie

 ". . a paradigm shift. A few times in my life I've come across something that's changed my world view  . . . I feel differently about being a woman, about my fellow sisters, about my cycle, my work, community, relationships, nature and co-operation. Powerful stuff!!. . " Dakini Cat

 ". . .The effects of doing this course are still blooming and unfolding in my life. It was deeply healing. I felt and still feel blessed into life as a more whole and joyful woman. I feel tremendous support from and for the women I connected with on this course. I say go do it if you can . . " CP

Totally transformative, I now feel like a WOMAN, it simply changed my life, I urge all women to do it. Jewels has such an ability to help guide women through this process in her loving and never failing trust in this connection, I felt totally held and supported throughout my process. . . "  Daniella

". . Second only to giving birth to my son, the women’s year long course was simply the most amazing experience of my life.  Feels like I am now regaining my true identity as a woman. I started the year feeling scared that I wouldn't’t fit in with the group.  I’ve come away understanding what true love and support really feels like – simply amazing. Jewels, I can’t thank you enough for believing in me when I was unable to believe in myself xx Janet

" . . barriers constructed long ago melted, and the biggest gift of all  was found: Sisterhood. I feel passionate about continuing the work  and it's a testament to the love and intention with which this training is created and facilitated by you that we are still meeting up and finding our way together supported by the tools you gave us. It is my wish that ALL women have the opportunity to experience this . . . " Michelle  xxx

". . This is amazing work, a precious gift, and I'm so very grateful that it exists.. . ."   

" . . .Oh, this course has been utterly life changing. I came to it looking for one thing and have come away having discovered so much more about myself than I could have imagined. I delved into myself discovering not only the depths of my own bodies wisdom but also the depth of  love of our sisterhood. I was continuously challenged to step up as my authentic self. The wise and beautiful teachings are so much a part of me I can't slip so easily back into old patterns. What Jewels offers is priceless. Really really, thank you . . . " Emily 

" . . This course changed my life. It seems like a miracle but at the same time it makes so much sense. It is something new (and also so very old), and I think it’s the best course out there by a long way . . . " Julia

Cauldron of Pearls

Women's facilitation training Autumn 2017-18
(Almost full - apply soon if you wish to join)

After 25 years of teaching across the globe, Jewels has gathered in her pearls of experience and knowledge into a cauldron and is offering them to women who feel ready to take the next step into co-creative feminine leadership.

This training has been designed specifically for women who have a longing to take the next step into their power and feel a longing to bring their love and support to other women.

Jewels is bringing her wide and deep breadth of experience, vast knowledge and deep wisdom from running workshop and working with people for more than 2 decades. She has learned over this time, what works, what doesn't and how to navigate the many aspects of feminine leadership.

This training is not a one off 'quick tricks program'. or an online theoretical offering, It is a deep in person, real and alive experiential learning journey into the many aspects of what it means to facilitate and hold space for others and step into your power and offer your gifts. 

This training is being offered due to many women over and over again expressing they're longing to feel confident enough to offer Red Tent events or facilitate groups of women to go deeper into they're healing journeys. Women say they don’t feel confident to hold space but have a deep wish to. Women say they don't feel they have the skill, or the know how to do this.

This training brings these aspects of facilitation into one cauldron. It is for women who have journeyed already on their own personal inner path and wish to bring this to other women needing support.

If this is you, this training is designed with precisely you in mind. It offers an in-depth journey to women who want to offer themselves to be a part of the feminine evolution and be able to bring more to this creative and transformational journey. 

Whether you are wanting to run a red tent in your local area, run a women’s evening class or run in-depth workshops and classes this training is designed to help you navigate aspects of this and come out with your own cauldron of Pearls to offer to the sisterhood.

What the training will offer:

  • Discovering what you're unique gift to women’s work is and how you want to bring it.
  • How to hold red tent event and similar in your community.
  • How to create and structure workshops, evening classes, women’s circles or groups.
  • Time and space to practice facilitation with guidance & supportive feedback.
  • Helpful tools to promote and market your events.
  • Practical guidance about running events such as venue hire, cost, infrastructure etc.
  • What the difference is between feminine and masculine leadership.
  • How to not burn out leading from your masculine and how to integrate your feminine power to create ease and flow.
  • How to create sacred ceremony and ritual.
  • How to create the support you need so you don’t burn out
  • How to navigate 'difficult' participants
  • How to deal with conflict in a workshop context
  • How to have healthy boundaries and not over give
  • How to stay clear and in integrity with timing and structure
  • How to not feel over responsible for everyone’s problems 
  • How to manage your energy and not get overwhelmed
  • Learn and grow from sharing experiences with other women of things that have worked and where things can go wrong 

The training will run as a series of 4 residential weekends spread over 7 months with space in between to practice 'homework' in relation to what you are learning. You will also need to be available to assist on a minimum of one Wombdala workshop.

This training is by application only
There will be limited spaces. We suggest applying early. The deadline for application is 1st Sept 2017.

8-10 Dec 2017
19-21 Jan 2018
9-11 March 2018 
25-27 May 2018 

All modules begin at 2pm Friday and end at 4.30pm Sunday

Venue is the EarthHeart centre, Forest of Dean.


£1,690 - Early bird price before 1st June
£1,890 Price after 1st June

The fees are inclusive of all tuition, materials, accommodation, meals, hot drinks and full use of the EarthHeart facilities.

On completion of the training and assuming you are ready to step out into the world, you will be certified by Jewels Wingfield LTD

If you would like to know more please CONTACT JEWELS in confidence to ask any questions you may have.

We are also launching a programme called 'sponsor a sister' which allows you to help another sister who has little or low income to attend a one day, week long or year long sacred women's training that we offer at Living Love. Or if you are able sponsoring a women's retreat for severely abused and traumatised women. If you would like to know more click here.