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Private sessions and bespoke retreats for couples

Sessions and private retreats are available for heterosexual and lesbian couples (either by skype or in person) who would like more focused in depth, personal support with their relationship. 

All couples have challenges within relationship and this is normal. What is challenging is the pressure that society puts on couples to be 'happy together'. It can be hard to seek support as it's easy to feel a sense of failure if things are not going well or as you hoped.

Perhaps it is such that you deeply love each other and know you want to be together but there are areas of the relationship that are not flowing so well and you would like to build on what works well and seek support with what is difficult. 
Or maybe you have been stuck for a while and constantly in conflict and just don't know how to get through it.Or maybe things feel 'dead' and your just ticking along but not really connecting anymore. Or maybe your at the point where thing are so difficult you want to end the relationship. Whatever and however it is your welcome to bring it all. I offer a safe and loving space to support you both to come to true choices about what you want and then how to create that.

It is in my view a wise couple who recognise the wisdom in seeking guidance and support from outside the relationship whether its good or difficult. It can be very helpful to have more focused time and space with an experienced relationship guide who has the skill and experience to see what is happening at the deepest level and help the couple get back on track. Whether you have been together for 40 years or 4 months you are welcome. For couples who have been together for many years it can bring back that connection that you remember having all those years ago and for new couples starting out it can help create a strong foundation for the relationship to be able to navigate the potential ups and downs to come.

What's on offer for you as a couple

There are various options for you as a couple to receive support, below is information and exmaples of what is on offer. It is also possible to chnage any of them, add or subtract, or create your own bespoke package. Please contact me if you want to discuss anyhitng that is outside of the suggestions below . . . . . 

Sessions via skype

It is also possible to have sessions over skype. I usually recommend 90 minutes minimum as things can often take a little longer when there are 2 people. Please contact to discuss. I charge £65 an hour for skype sessions.

Sessions at EarthHeart centre 

Face to face sessions take place at the EarthHeart centre in the forest of Dean (very easy to get to by car or public transport from London and other UK places). There are various optiopns

  • Weekly/fortnightly/monthly 1-2 hour sessions
  • Breakthrough session 3-4 hours
  • One day intensive 
  • Two day retreat 

Breakthrough sessions

These are usually 3-4 hours and are helpful if you want to look at a particular issuse in your relationship and tackle head on. An issue that maybe feels really stuck but you want to give it your full focus and intention to breakthrouhg the stuckness. This is also sutiablke if you have small children and cannot take more than a few hours away from family life. 

One day intensives

These are designed to give enough space and time away from your life for a day to really work on the relationship. Maybe there is an issue that keeps arising over and ovr agaon and you just don't seem to be able to move through it . . . .

Arrival is at 10am and we would end by 4.30pm with a lunch break in the middle. Some couples prefer to come for a one day intensive rather than a two day retreat for various reasons, either due to budget or because taking more time away from work or family is not an option. 

COSTS: £195 per person

I suggest a follow up 90 minute session over skype after a month or two. It may be that more than one session is helpful in which case that is also an option to continue or come back for more longer sesions again to EarthHeart.

Arrive 10am and have a cup of tea
First session 10.30am-1pm
break for lunch 1- 2pm
Second session 2pm-4.30pm Including summarising and where to go from here 

AVAILABILITY The day intensives are offered weekdays Monday to Friday throughout the year, excluding bank holidays, Christmas and Easter. Generally speaking there's a 2 months wait time for an available slot.

If you would like to book please CONTACT JEWELS

Two day bespoke retreats

These retreats are one of our most popular offerings for couples. 
They are totally unique in the UK and quite different to going to regular therapy, couples counselling or to a couples workshop. 
Because we are together over a longer period of time this provides spaciousness without stress to slowly go deeper into what needs healing and stay with it, so there is no feeling of rushing.
It also gives integration time between sessions and this is a key component that supports sustained change to happen. This is also supported by the fact that you away form your daily life with all the distractions and demands that brings. You stay at EarthHeart during the whole time which creates the feeling of safety and being able to stay focused and supported. The retreats provide a held, safe, professional and confidential context to tend to your relationship in whatever aspects of it are needing to be healed. Because I am only working with you I can focus 100% of the specific issues you feel need attention and stay with you through the jounrey, and support you every step of the way. 
Some of the time during the retreat will be face to face and some of the time might be spent in the privacy of your bedroom trying practices you have been taught that directly support the issues you are working with. All set in the beautiful Forest and surrounded by wild and inspiring nature which I encourage you to spend time in to give nourishment to the relationship.

". . . I just wanted to say how amazing the experience was . . . it was soul opening. . .   We now treat each other with respect, trust, and compassion which was completely deteriorated and lost over the years. . . . It was all the time somehow still intact and we are so grateful to you for making this happen. Thank you so much for your gift.. . " (couples intensive)


Booking avilability: These retreats are offered weekdays Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. Generally speaking there's a 2 months wait time for an available slot.

Time frame: Arrival is 2pm on the first day and end early afternoon on the second day.

Staying at EarthHeart during your retreat is a key component of the work. You are given a self container studio apartment that overlooks the forest 360 degrees all around and metres away from the windows of the apartment. You have the grounds and forest to relax in or takes walks into. You can either bring your own food with you and cook in the kitchenette in your apartment or you can eat out if you prefer.

Prices: £340 per person - (this price includes your accommodation)

Follow up: 
I suggest a follow up 90 minute session over skype after a month or two. It may be that more than one session is helpful in which case that is also an option to continue or come back for more longer sesions again to EarthHeart.

ADJUSTING THE PACKAGE If this package does not feel quite right, I am also more than happy to see what would work, do please get in touch to discuss. Maybe longer for example - coming for a whole week or more.  If you would like to book please CONTACT JEWELS


  • All sessions at EarthHeart are charged at £70 an hour.
  • All sessions over skype are charged at £65 an hour

Please note: During the time together your relationship is held within a sacred and professional context and your personal modesty and boundaries as a couple are always respected. There is absolutely no sexual engagement between the coach and the clients in any way whatsoever. The coach is with you to facilitate the deepening and honouring of your connection together.

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One to One sessions for Women

Jewels offers sessions for women who would like to have more in-depth focused one-to-one and support. Some women feel they are not ready to dive into a group setting or share their personal issues with a group of other women. Or simply that working this way they can feel safer and more productive. Issues that often arise for women are:

  • Personal relationship issues
  • Sexuality and/or sexual abuse trauma (past or    present)
  • Personal empowerment 
  • Finding your gift/purpose as a woman
  • Workplace relationship difficulties
  • Learning to have clearer boundaries and how to say  no when needed
  • Learning how to take off 'armour' and feel safe  expressing  vulnerability
  • Childhood trauma 
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Menstrual problems 
  • Body image 


Sessons are offered via skype. They can be anything from regular weekly/fortnightly 1 hour sessions or one off's

Please note: 3 days notice is needed to cancel sessions of more than one hour.

Please note that 3 days notice is needed to cancel sessions of more than one hour.

If you would like to know more please CONTACT JEWELS in confidence to ask any questions you may have and find out if this could be just the thing you have been looking for.