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Upcoming Events

8-11 June Intimate Love couples  

7-9 July Faces of the Masculine - Men

Volunteering program at EarthHeart - We are currently taking applications for long term live position here at EarthHeart, to find out more contact us for detials and an application form.


We are launching a programme called 'sponsor a sister' this allows you to help another sister who has little or low income to attend a one day, week long or year long sacred women's training that we offer at Living Love. Or, if you are able, sponsoring a women's retreat for severely abused and traumatised women.

All you have to do is deposit the amount it costs to undertake the women's training and any preference you have about the allocation of the funding and we will match this amount to a woman in need. We will respect your and the participant's confidentiality and let you know when you're funding has been used to give a woman a chance to grow with this work. If you cannot sponsor a whole day's training you can deposit a partial amount and your generosity will be matched by other sisters and allocated to those sisters in dire need who require this work to move forward with their lives, take a step outside their home door, or walk away form abusive work, relationship and environments into their truth.

Donating to the sponsor a sister fund
£80 pays for 1 sister to attend the one day women's training.
£345 pays for 1 sister to attend the six day women's training.
£250 pays for 1 sister's accommodation at the six day women's training providing nurture and organic food to sustain the work.
£1,300 pays for 1 sister's year long training
£6,000 pays for 10 women who have experienced severe trauma or abuse to attend the six day women's retreat in a safe environment and regain the steps necessary to regain their love for life.