lily in the pond

Quotes from the Participants


". . .wow i have been burtsting to the seams with energy, joy, gratitude, love and least not an absolute feeling of being FULL!!
I can quite honestly say i don't think i have ever felt this way before or at least since around 13-14 ish...Jewels i want to thank you for this great gift of your life experience and skills to aid my journeys on a path of true feminine..."

" . . .Thank you Jewels for a mind-blowing body-grounding, spirit-levelling week of home-coming. Respect to you to the the mega max. . . " Joanna - deep diving participant

"...WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW - That was quite probably the most moving and profound weekend of my life! I’m still in a daze about everything that went on, but feel so proud and I feel privileged to have been part of it and to have been shown some keys to changing not only my life, but that of people I interact with. I can’t thank you enough for this gift. Having had my tears at the end of the day I got home feeling all fragile and ended up pouring my heart out (not to mention floods of tears) to my partner later on in bed. The weekend has really flicked a few switches in me and accelerated the process I began a couple of years ago..."


"...This morning was very special for me, when I got up this morning I caught a glimpse of myself naked in the full length mirror, usually I see this hideous monster looking back and I couldn’t bear to look, but today I saw a beautiful goddess. I spent hours just staring looking at myself. It feels like I have woken up from a dream..."
Woman Anon

"...thankyou for your enthusiasm, congruence, clarity with the content, diplomatic leadership, and generally but so importantly for holding the space so safely and cleanly and making the space so welcoming..."
Kay (couples weekend workshop)

"...Doing your deep diving is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life, with no exaggeration. I feel so happy that I have made a huge energetic shift and gained immeasurable insight. A big heart-felt THANK YOU to a wonderful, beautiful, generous, shining being xxxxxx..."

"...I have done a lot of different courses and workshops over the past 10 years, but yours has been the most profound life changing experience to date. Thank you so much. I’ll be back for more..."


"...Your teaching was authentic, powerful and refreshing to do a training where the facilitator was so honest and egoless was a delight and I felt very safe..."

"...I wanted to tell you how very helpful the workshop was. Something definitely shifted in me in an important way. The pleasing result is that I feel more confident and attractive than I have felt for years. Better still, the ‘boundaries’; exercise we did has given me the confidence to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when I need to in my daily life without a fuss or judgement..."

"...Thank you for sharing this wonderful pathway to healing, this evening after the weekend as I sit here and write I feel ecstatic, I will ride the wave in gratitude..."

"...I really appreciated your encouragement to bring all of ourselves to the space throughout the course..."

"...You have a unique and amazing gift of holding space but still letting it all happen. I felt totally safe in the workshop. You have a wonderful sense of fun which was really liberating and supportive for me..."

"...I am so grateful that I did dep diving. It was brilliant, life-changing, and a life-enhancing experience, which I hope will stay with me and enable me to keep developing the new directions that I found on the course. I feel massively more energetic than before and I have developed a much more holistic approach to living. It’s impossible to thank you enough. I hope you carry on offering this work forever. Spreading love is a wonderful job!..."

"...Many thanks, we will definitely be coming back for more and will recommend it to our friends..."
Steven and Carol

"...It opened lots of doors for me both as an individual and in my relationship with John. I loved every minute of it and never looked at my watch once. I loved the music and the dancing. The whole thing has been a profound experience..."

"...I felt a strong sense of love and caring from you which made me feel very safe to express parts of myself that I have kept hidden away for years. I feel 20 years younger, thank you..."

"...I cannot believe how in one year I can change in so many ways. My friends don’t recognise me (but for the better). Please find enclosed a cheque for next year’s course and a deposit from my friend who would also like to attend..."

"...After the weekend I find myself wanting to dance everyday in my living room, please send me some of your wonderful music..."

"...Thank you Jewels for what you model : a strong and free spirit. A genuine interest for our healing, Your honest presence and a feeling of safety that came from your fun and sensitivity. The boundaries that you held throughout and your professionalism were inspiring..."

"...What a wonderful course and fantastic people. The morning after our final weekend I was at work when something triggered a laughing fit lasting 3 or 4 minutes. During that time all the things you said during the course came back to me and I really got it second time round, thanks..."

".....hugely beneficial and has really given me a lot, big thank you. I feel inspired and fed by the course and I learned some really useful tools for my daily life and how to relate better to people. Would love to do more....."

"...for several years your ongoing groups have been a treasured space for me to take risks and to explore authenticity and openness both in myself and with others in a safe and supported way. The beauty I found was that every course that I repeated always felt fresh and relevant, you showed me how to trust my own light..."

"...thank-you for an extraordinary weekend, full of grace, courage, wise & compassionate guidance...... how much I needed to hear so much of what you said, in just the right way at the right time... and to deeply feel my body..."

"...there are no words to say how important and revelatory and...well no words....the weekend was and cycling down the towpath this morning I’m not sure anything has ever been so beautiful. And somehow things feel closer..."