"The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe to match your nature with Nature."
Joseph Campbell 


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The Vision

I believe in humanities potential to live as fully interconnected embodiments of nature in sacred union with all life. We are a part of the web of life, a living breathing expression of it. Our journey is to re-member ourselves to this and come home once again to that which has always been true but that we have forgotten. The work I offer opens pathways into this possibility by working within the context of our natural world, through balancing the masculine and feminine principles within each of us.

I believe that the root cause of the environmental, political and social crisis we are in is a symptom of the disconnected and suppressed feminine principle in humanity and a patriarchal expression of the masculine principle. This applies to all humans, whatevr our gender. We need to reclaim the Sacred feminine in all of us and bring it into harmony and right balance with the Divine masculine principle in all of us of, that of awareness and presence.

The work offers practical and powerful tools for connecting us back to our essential nature and to the nature we live within and teaches methods and understandings for optimum interpersonal relating between the masculine and feminine resulting in a heart centred, nature aligned and socially just reality. It seeks to interconnect wild nature with human nature. You are warmly invited to join this adventure of inner transformation to outer manifestation through love, awareness, nature and spirit. 

"We think we are human beings trying to have a spiritual experience but in reality we are spiritual being trying to have a human experience" Pierre Teilhard De Chardin

The current state of affairs

If we are at all open to life we can see all around us that the current state of things on the planet and with humanity is out of balance. Some go so far as to say that we are on a one way path to annihilation. Whatever the truth might be there is an invitation being offered to us at this time, to enquire deeper within ourselves as to what the change is and how might we be a part of it ?

Human nature - wild nature

"We ARE the nature we live in and depend on"
Our human suffering comes from a belief we hold that we are somehow separate from nature, from the source of life itself (see video clip). This comes from a profound and long term disconnection from the true feminine principle and an aspiring and living as a distorted version of the true masculine principle (both men and women have been doing this) The current environmental crisis is not the problem itself, just a symptomatic manifestation of this. 

The result is unconscious, destructive actions by us towards nature because we are disconnected from our own sacred nature. In this way we do not feel it when we destroy it. Instead we feel a profound feeling of emptiness/disconnect and we then spend our lives trying to avoid these feelings of emptiness through numbing ourselves by accumulating material wealth, living mainly in the mind, developing addictions, inflicting violence on ourselves and others, raping and pillaging the planet and so on. We take and take and take and are giving very little back, we are not in balance.

". . . Nature is the body of God. . . " 
The natural world can awaken us to the remembering that ALL life is Sacred because in every blade of grass embodies the Sacred, a living expression of Love. To receive the teachings the natural world offers we need to marry our own inner wild nature with the wild nature outside. This requires us to reconnect with it and to the entire web of life.

"All things are connected like the blood that unites us.
We did not weave the web of life, 
We are merely a strand in it. 
Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves"
Chief Seattle

The body of love

We are transitioning into a new paradigm - the paradigm of the heart. For thousands of years humanity has primarily lived in a paradigm of power -
(A distorted power being expressed as a dominant masculine and a repressed feminine) The 'world' that we have built based on this seems to be collapsing. If true this might look like bad news on the surface but if we are willing to go deeper within we might see that there is a gateway being offered to step through into this new paradigm because the old has to die for the new to emerge. This process of change can seem frightening, especially if we try to navigate it alone. The transition in the new paradigm of the heart needs to be made collectively. This requires us to live more in our hearts and to listen to its guidance as we traverse this new unfamiliar experience together.

"Love is what we are and awareness bring us to that" 

The journey home
Love is not an external limited resource that we must give or try to get. "We ARE the love we are seeking" This is the truth of every human being on the planet. Our purpose is to re-awaken and live AS embodiments of sacred Love.
We are being invited to go on an inward journey to the very centre of our being so we can re-member ourselves to our place in the larger web of life and return ourselves to nature. To do this we need to meet ourselves in the deepest, most honest, naked and uncompromising way. This journey home to love is not a fluffy, everything is OK love or a romantic kind of love. It's a wild and fierce love that requires us to face our deepest fears and burns away illusions, our limiting beliefs and our conditioning. This love requires us to be in absolute awareness and to live in the present moment of true freedom. This love embraces every aspect of our being, our darkness and our light, our power and our vulnerability, our spirit and our physicality, our fear and our freedom. When we come home to this, our lives become one continual expression of love and presence lived in limitless ways, interconnectedness and balanced with all life. 

 " . . It is vital that we transform our relationships with people but as well our relationships with nature, as they are intimately interwoven, and to focus ourselves on only one means we cannot come into wholeness or balance with life. . . "

The power of circle and community

There are times in our lives when we need a circle of kindred spirit to help us on our journey. As humans we transform much faster when we work within a collective field of awareness and loving support. We have however been taught to go it alone, not to burden others with our problems, with our hurts and the truth is we are relational creatures and we need others in order to fully realize our own being. We need a more encompassing space in which to do the work of our soul.

We need community to fully restore ourselves to the web of life. Our workshops open pathways for you to directly experience a sense of belonging and deep participation in life.

We need community to see us and affirm us, it has always been this way in the lives of our ancestors, community was the mirror that reflected back to us our sense of ourselves, of belonging and to remind us of our part in the web of life. A confirmation of our worth and our value, a permission and encouragement to bring our gifts and live our full potential.

If you listen, what do you hear from your soul that is calling you to work with ?

Because of our primal wounding around love and acceptance we have come to doubt that we are welcome, and we feel fear to risk stepping into life fully, into the circle, into community, to open our hearts and meet soul to soul. And yet, if we don’t and we remain outside and we live in isolation and loneliness. At some point, we must risk stepping in and face our deepest fears that have not seen the light of days for decades in order to move through them and re-member who we really are, come home to heart and soul and our sense of connection and belonging. 

Conscious relating

Our human pain and suffering, subsequent destructive behaviour towards ourselves, others and our natural world stems from a belief we hold that we are separate from love and that it's a limited external 'something' we need to get or give.

The journey back to wholeness is to realise that we ARE the love we are seeking outside of ourselves. This is the foundation stone of the work. It is fundamental if we want to be able to truly receive and give love from a place of connection to the source of life and limitless abundance in ourselves rather than coming to others as beggars with an empty bowl. It is through reconnecting to Love within us that we awaken to the larger field of Divine love that is omnipresent, the very fabric of the universe. The work benefits from us participating with it on a collective level because all life is interconnected, in this way we need each other to re-member ourselves to this. This is why working in a group context is such a powerful catalyst for accelerating the process of individual and collective transformation.

It begins with bringing awareness to ourselves, learning to love ourselves and from there expand out to love others from this abundant connected place in us. We can also then align ourselves with our higher purpose, live from our centre and clarify our place in the web of life. This is a very down to earth embodied path. It is not one that requires us to transcend this world but to be very much in the world.

"Divine Love is awareness and energy recognising each other"

Masculine and Feminine

All life is created out of the union of two principles - Masculine and Feminine or energy and consciousness. These two principles exist within the larger field of Divine love which is the very fabric of the entire universe. When using the terms 'masculine' and 'feminine' principles it's not referring to men and women but rather different 'qualities' - that of energy and consciousness - energy is the feminine principle and consciousness the masculine principle. These qualities are needed in balance in each of us for our full potential to be realised individually and collectively for the evolution of all humanity. The current 'environmental crisis' is a result of this profound imbalance of these masculine and feminine principles. A radical suppression of the feminine principle and a dominating expression of the masculine principle - we have over aspired to the masculine and disconnected from the feminine (both men and women have been doing this). We are now being called to re-balance these principles within us so that we can come into balance with these principles in the larger field of existence. 

"The love for my own self is inseparably connected with the love for any other human beings" Erich Fromm

Relationship - the collective mirror

We need each other on the deepest most radical level for our personal awakening and collective evolution. From a place of absolutely living from ourown centre and from there being relational with all life. From this experience of living from our own centre, we can experience deep relationship with other human beings based on the experience of Love manifest. They hold up a mirror to us (just by being who they are) that shows us where we have lost our way, forgotten the love we are or where we have abandoned ourselves, in this way they are a gift. The mirror might not always be a comfortable one but it is constant and always true if we can receive it and go inside and look. This mirroring is being presented to us in every moment that we are having any kind of contact with another person. If we spent our whole life in isolation we would limit the possibility of fully awakening, as awakening is the experience of being 'One' with all life. Even if we were to have this personal awakening as soon as we come into connection with others we will soon discover if we are able to stay in this centre place in ourselves of unconditional love and pure awareness. 

At this time on Earth we are being called to carve out new pathways of authentic empowered relating between men and women that goes beyond patriarchy and feminism and beyond (but includes) our sexual attraction preference. A call to create communities of men, women and children together who are willing to support each other on this journey.

"A monk who spends 10 years in a monastery evolving his consciousness might think he is enlightened but put him in front of a woman fully in her power for 5 minutes and he will soon see how fragile the foundation of his awakening is"
David Deida 

Sacred nature, wild bodies 

Our bodies are nature, Sacred ground and our home and a powerful gateway to experiencing ourselves as the nature we are. For this reason working directly with the body is a direct and immediate way to reconnect ourselves. The body is nature, it is made of the 4 elements, earth, air, fire, water, as is all nature - but in our culture we have been taught that the body is not a wild free beautiful expression of nature but a machine to be used and abused, hence this is how we treat nature - what is happening in the environment is simply an external expression of the relationship with our own bodies. When we become deeply connected with our own bodies and feel the aliveness of these elements within us and Love as an embodied experience of the divine we naturally connect to its beauty and Sacredness from a deep inner experience. We awaken to the 5th element, that of spirit and so can allow fully the creative life force to move through it. When we do this we experience no separation of us and the one web of life. It's then a natural outcome to want to protect and connect to all life for to harm ourselves is to harm all life.

Freedom - The present moment

The present moment lives beyond linear time of future and past and is where true freedom exists, where we arrive into our essence. The breath and body are always naturally in the present moment and so by connecting more deeply to the body and breath we have direct access into the present moment as an embodied experience. Our minds live in the future and the past (the story of us) and this keeps us away from experiencing ourselves this way.

Sacred Ecology

Sacred Ecology is a term used that describes a way of living life from the knowing that ALL life is sacred and intrinsically interconnected. That we as humans and all living things are a Sacred expression of the divine. It understands that all things need to live in harmony and connection with everything else for the balance of life to flow. That nature is not there as a commodity for us to use but that we ARE nature and to hurt nature is to hurt ourselves. All of nature is an erotic flow of energy continually creating and expanding in Love, this is also true for us as humans.

Sacred Sexuality

Our sexual energy is a key fundamental aspect to living as our totality. Our sexual energy in essence is our pure creative life force energy and a catalyst for lifeWhen it is blocked, we feel disconnected and depleted. When it is fully alive in us we feel awake, creative and connected to Lover as a vibration of vitality.

We weave many different approaches together to open up and experience this potential of the highest relationship possible. The courses we offer are NOT Tantra (nore do they include the typical things that many tantra workshops offer) 
They are embedded in Sacred practices from many traditions across the world and are weaved with modern new thinking philosophies. They offer clear pathways to conscious relating and Sacred sexuality. 

Our life begins out of the act of sexual union which is deeply connected to the erotic nature of the earth (the great mother earth from where all life is manifest) and in this way we see that sex is intrinsically connected with the cycle of birth and death. Therefore by working consciously with sexuality we can also work consciously with our relationship to nature, birth, sex and death, the three deepest human experiences that are a gateway to our awakening. They take us back to the One Love beyond our humanity. Our relationship to our sexuality is therefore fundamental to this journey. If we were a tree our sexuality is like the roots. For the tree to truly flourish into its full potential the roots need to be strong and healthy.  They need to go deep into the earth to be able to receive all they need for the tree to fully flourish.
In this way it is important that our sexuality is naturally flowing at its optimum, that we welcome and embrace it and release it from energetic blocks such as shame and guilt that result in repression or destructive expression.

When energy and consciousness meet as creative polarised forces a gateway opens -  that we can step through where we experience sexual union as an experience of Divine 'awakening'. Sacred sexuality is a term that describes this experience. Sacred sexual union does not happen from any particular technique, it's the ingredients that create it, that of energy and consciousness within the larger field of Divine Love. 

"Its time we saw sex as the truly sacred art that it is. A deep meditation, a holy communion and a dance with the force of creation."

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